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Tabitha Riley

About Me

Hi! My name is Tabitha, and I am a Full-Stack Engineer in training.

I've always been fascinated by websites and what they can (and can't) do. I started playing around with HTML when I was in my early teens on sites like Piczo. My HTML and CSS knowledge came in handy when I needed to make a website for my Acting degree, from which I graduated with First-Class Honours.

After years of playing around with various website builders, and designing and managing my own forums at times, a certain global pandemic nudged me in the direction of becoming a Full-Stack Engineer. I started studying in earnest in mid-2021.

At present I am a front-end designer and developer, with a firm grasp of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also have experience with both PHP and Wordpress.


You can have a look at some of the projects I've completed so far during my training.

  • Company Homepage - A generic homepage for a fictional company, including CTAs and a responsive layout.
  • Responsive Club Site - A homepage for a fictional drama club, with a responsive layout and a randomly generated quote on page load using JavaScript.
  • Tarot Reading Generator - A JavaScript-based random generator that can take user input.


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What I can do for you


From layout to color schemes, let your site fit your brand perfectly in a way that you want rather than being dictated by themes. The sky is the limit.


Building your site from the ground up means it can look exactly how you dreamt on every device and have the features you always wanted.

SEO Optimization

Make sure people can find you online by building your website with the important blocks for Search Engines to find you, like keywords and descriptions.

WCAG Compliance

Ensure your site is accessible to all under the Equality Act 2010 by building your site in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


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